The Most Secure & Complete Virtual Mobile Office on the Market

Two-Factor above Military Grade Login Access, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Document Management System (DMS) and Video/Webinar Conferencing

Robust solutions for complex needs


PSL utilized DirectRM’s strong 2-Factor Authentication and more – Identity and Access Management, Securing Remote and Local Access, Protecting Data Transmission, Securing the Cloud, Protecting Identity and Preventing Theft.

CRM & DMS Solutions

Technical and professional services provided for on premise and cloud solutions utilizing an integrated security approach to prevent, detect, and respond to advanced threats – allowing you to focus on business growth knowing your data is safe and secure.

Cloud Services

Our cloud data management and storage solutions enable users to manipulate data virtually, without the burden of physical data management.

Business Intelligence

Leverage a single unified architecture to seamlessly report, analyze, and monitor data from disparate, potentially disorganized sources.

Software Engineering

CMMI Development-Certified processes deliver quality software products and solutions with proven source code reusability.

Advisory Services

Receive direct access to PSL’s specialized skills and expertise designing and building reliable, scalable solutions and ensure investments in IT projects and assets are directed towards achieving your strategic vision and mission.

Safe and Secure Solutions with instant access anywhere, anytime.

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Our Certifications

ISC.Logo.JAS ANZ72_ISO27001
ISC.Logo.JAS ANZ72_ISO20000
ISC.Logo.JAS ANZ72_ISO9001
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Optimize your business operations


Boost Productivity

Reduce complexity, minimize risk, and boost productivity with state of the art modeling practices.

Improve Efficiency

Utilize strategic roadmaps to ensure resources and assets are allocated and directed towards achieving specific goals.

Enhance Business Operations

Maximize management’s ability to understand, analyze, and improve performance measures and framework.

Keep Your Data Safe

Secure, protect and prevent data loss through use of a strong 2-factor authentication. Identity and access management, securing remote and local access, protecting data transmission and securing the cloud.

Supercharge your business with the safest & most secure mobile solutions

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