Software Development

PSL has a powerful group of software development services, including enterprise Internet and Intranet solutions, high speed hosting, network design, and system automation.

These services are scalable and deliverable worldwide. We provide Web Design, Development and Hosting for Internet and Intranet use; Web Delivered Database Application Development and Hosting; as well as Multimedia Presentation Planning and Design.

System Automation

PSL offers a wide range of services aimed at providing customers with a “Flexible Solution” to networking, business infrastructure, business communications and Internet/intranet requirements. Mainly targeted at the Microsoft environment these services are designed to provide customers with cost effective networking solutions to address key business requirements for improved communication, marketing, productivity and workflow.

Application Modernization and Legacy Systems Integration

PSL provides Application Modernization: a web application solution to access your legacy systems and the data they contain. Our staff has deep technical experience in legacy mainframe, as well as client/server and the latest Web and Mobile development platforms. We call this Latest to Legacy, and in short, it means PSL has the experience, methodologies, and training to fully integrate your organization as you work to build your web presence. We have proven capabilities in healthcare and Government sectors.

Barcode Technology

Through the use of strategic alliances, SDM is able to create customized barcode tracking systems that automates the management of equipment, furniture, and other assets.

Portable Document Files Support

PSL supports the creation, conversion, transmission and storage of PDF files in its web-developed system. Adobe PDF is the emerging workflow standard in the $400 billion publishing industry. It also plays a key role in financial services, regulated industries, and government, with more than 155 agencies worldwide sharing Adobe PDF files.

Portal Development Services

PSL can establish an Internet presence that becomes the first point of reference for your company’s intended audience. Initial design, planning and implementation, using the right web technologies, is paramount to the creation of such Internet communities of interest (or portals). Peniel Solutions, LLC. can solve issues at both a strategic and tactical level with its portal development capability that has evolved from over 10 years experience.

Secured Hosting Services

PSL uses a world-class facility that is equipped with an HVAC temperature control system and anti-static floors. It boasts state-of-the-art security, 24/7 secured access and video camera surveillance. The data center triple redundant backbone and fully redundant on-site power supply ensure that your data servers are both protected and supported in the event of a communications or power failure.

Website Photo Storage Services

Customer pictures are scanned and posted to a Web site maintained by the vendor on a short/long term basis. The customer can then view the scanned images of their photographs, copy the pictures to their hard disk or send by electronic mail. Additional services may be offered such (e.g., reprints, enlargements, photographic paper and special print, scanning, certain file format, proportioned, edit, crop, sequence layout, size, package, re-order). All directly related support products, accessories, attachments and supplies are offered under SIN 262 53. This service may be ordered online, mail order, or delivered.

Network Connectivity Support Services

Network Connectivity Support Services must be able to support industry’s software applications, network operating systems (e.g., Windows 2000, XP NT, Netware) and other related networks that are compatible to the agency’s infrastructure. The qualified personnel, materials, spare parts, tool, hardware/software and network components necessary to perform the service will be provided by the contractor. The capability to support, stand-alone and integrated digital equipment (e.g., digital/multifunctional digital copiers, Photo ID Systems, Mail Management Systems, Network Optical & Imaging Systems and Laboratory Systems) must be provided by the contractor. This will give the users the ability to search, view, access and print documents right from their desktop. The contractor must have the ability to manage and control the agency’s network environment. This SIN includes directly related support (e.g., security, telephone/hotline, database, software, maintenance).

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