Committed to Quality, Production Efficiency, and Reducing Costs, Peniel Solutions is Pleased to be a CMMI Certified Software Company.

This internationally recognized assessment from Carnegie Mellon University’s Software Engineering Institute (SEI) means that PSL has established effective, well-defined processes and procedures in project management and software development that meet CMMI Level 3 standards. CMMI is a software development process improvement approach, which has become the standard for measuring an organization’s capability to apply a process-based methodology to software development. This approach integrates the entire spectrum of software development including software engineering, testing, and project management. CMMI helps integrate traditionally separate organizational functions, set process improvement goals and priorities, provide guidance for quality processes, and provide a point of reference for appraising current processes.

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Improved schedule and budget predictability

Improved cycle time

Increased productivity

Improved quality

Increased return on investment

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CMMI Level 3 demonstrates PSL’s commitment to ongoing process improvement and improving its technology and service offerings by prescribing to the eighteen process areas defined by the CMMI standard. These include Requirement Management, Requirement Development, Project Planning, Project Management and Control, Supplier Agreement and Management, Measurement and Analysis, Process and Product Quality Assurance, Configuration Management, Technical Solution, Product Integration, Verification, Validation, Organizational Process Focus, Organizational Process Definition, Organizational Training, Integrated Project Management, Risk Management, Decision Analysis and Resolution.

Additional Certifications

PSL Certification for ISO 20000
PSL Certification for ISO 9001
PSL Certification for ISO 27001