A Leading Provider of Powerful Technology Solutions that Simplify, Facilitate, and Enhance Critical Business Processes.

At Peniel Solutions, we believe our people are the most important attribute to our success. We take great pride in having employed a talented pool of candidates to support the business and interface with our clients. Our goal is to align talent with our core competencies to permit the delivery of innovative technology; giving PSL a competitive advantage.

It is of PSL’s best interest to continue delivering “excellence” across all areas of service. We believe our reputation precedes us in how our clients view our service delivery, raising the bar to future higher standards.

PSL’s team members hold certification in the areas of Project Management, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Microsoft.

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James McGriff

President/Chief Technology Officer

James is Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer for PSL (Peniel Solutions, LLC). James is a twenty-one year retired Navy officer, certified as a Chief Information Officer and he brings tremendous experience and leadership to his company and the IT industry. After military retirement in 1996, James joined Emory Healthcare where he distinguished himself as a Woodruff Leadership Academy Fellow in the technology field. James continues to pioneer many groundbreaking solutions for clients with new products, innovative systems, and fresh strategies for knowledge management that delivered operational efficiency and cost reduction while boosting his company’s competitive advantage. He is a builder of critical partnerships and strategic alliances, able to find value in divergent viewpoints, resolve conflicts for win-win outcomes, and unite fractionalized groups for a shared sense of purpose. James completed his Bachelor of Science in Education and Master of Public Administration degrees from Valdosta State University. James also earned his Certificate in IT Project Management from Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia. James credits his time in the military for giving him the leadership and technical skills needed to lead and succeed in an ever changing global environment.

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Casey Colclough

Chief Financial Officer

Casey Colclough joined Peniel Solutions, LLC (PSL) as Chief Financial Officer in November 2017. In this position, Casey is responsible for the overall financial strategy and direction at PSL, as well as human resources. Within finance, he guides the accounting personnel, banking operations, contracting, board relations, accounting, tax, and internal audit functions to meet its customers’ expectations and pursue the company’s aggressive growth strategy.

Casey is a licensed CPA with more than fifteen (15) years of CPA experience in accounting. Casey has established a reputation for building world-class teams and for aligning financial and business metrics to support business strategy and high-growth in the government contracting (GovCon) industry with notable results. Prior to joining PSL, Casey’s experience included both public and industry accounting. During his time in public accounting, he gained experience as a recognized thought leader in external auditing, tax strategies, and consulting. During his industry experience, Casey has successfully held senior level government contracting accounting positions which included experience with indirect rate structuring and calculations, deep knowledge for Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) compliance, DCAA audit agency requirements, and allowable cost controls.

Casey holds a Bachelor of Science (BS) and Master of Science (MS) in Accounting from Georgia Southern University.