Receive direct access to PSL’s specialized skills and expertise designing and building reliable, scalable solutions.

Our professional team’s experience is based on years of helping clients design software solutions while working closely with software developers. Our team members bring a deep level of understanding and a long list of skills that have been drawn from their many years of experience.

All of our skilled team members are certified in areas ranging from Project Management (PMP) to projects utilizing Customer Maturity Model (CMM), and can work with you to identify the highest-value development practices for your project, to educate your team on their practical application, and to accelerate their adoption while minimizing disruption to ongoing projects.

Digital Transformation – Application Modernization

Organizations are facing challenges around their application security and scalability because some of their applications are built on technology not supported anymore (eg. Cold Fusion, Cobalt), and oftentimes were not built with security in mind.

These applications built on old technology do not offer the modern user experience; do not support multiple users and are not mobile friendly as they depend on absolute technology.

These applications support critical business functions and are usually costly to replace with modern systems. The impact is visible on developers’ ability achieve business objectives by imposing an arduous development process to navigate outmoded coding.

Application Modernization for Customer-Facing Software and Internal Systems: Application Modernization gives customers great user experiences by enhancing your legacy applications to use enterprise platforms and modern technology. By integrating PSL’s expertise in Agile development process as well as in business and technology we help clients become efficient in development and operations practices. PSL is focused on consistently exceptional quality and continuous improvement in order to achieve our clients’ business objectives and aspirations in Digital Transformation.

Customer Consulting

You can engage Peniel Solutions business services on large-scale customized consulting projects that are tailored to meet the unique needs of your organization. Custom consulting leverages project management practices to ensure that activities are carefully planned and the team’s milestones are met.

Short-term Projects

You can also engage Peniel Solutions for assistance in short-term projects with smaller problems needing resolution to keep your project on track.

Long-term Projects

In addition to short-term projects, Peniel Solutions also offers a variety of services can be critical to the success of an organization’s project:

Assessment Services: Provide an objective assessment of your software deployment capabilities

Requirement Gathering: PSL analyzes your current operational state to understand your goals and determine the optimal path to success

Deployment Services: Deploy a new software solution or methodology to your organization or team

Training Workshops: PSL will help you produce Class-A training literature, workshops, and programs

Information Assurance (IA) Program

As a CMMI certified company, PSL IA Program team members generally involves the following activities or techniques when supporting our customers:

Planning: Making informed decisions about future actions

Organizing: Making arrangements to fulfill your plan’s requirements

Leading: Influencing team members to move towards the common goal of organization

Maintaining: Making checks to find the deviations and taking corrective actions

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