Big Data Analytics

Big data analytics help enterprises fulfill their missions by improving processes and efficiency, enhancing security and predicting trends.

PSL is particularly skilled at helping Federal agencies to meet these security and operational goals, as well as to excel with the Open Government initiative. PSL’s analytic solutions enable you to:

1. Enhance security and prevent fraud

Identify non-compliance and fraud through analysis of multiple sources that have never been combined, including census and citizen information with tax records

Look for trends in the causes of non-compliance through analyzing records in combination with demographics and historical data

Analyze unrelated and unmatched data sources including watch lists, criminal records, border entries, and other sources to investigate crime and terrorism

2. Improving service delivery and operational efficiency

Big-data technologies help agencies be more productive, work smarter and be more agile at a time when budgets are lean

Maintain visibility over large programs that span multiple departments by deploying dashboards that combine data from many sources and roll up information into the most important KPIs and metrics

Assimilate data collected from numerous departments and through different channels to allow for enhanced case management in law enforcement and homeland security

Root out inefficiencies in an agency’s many supply chains by improving inventory control and analysis

3. Democratizing information

Enable excellence in compliance with Federal open-data executive order making government data accessible to citizens and businesses.

Make accessible datasets that serve as a rich resource for developers, civic groups and anyone else who wants to build applications for government.

Master Data Management (MDM)

PSL also provides solutions for Master Data Management (MDM) and Data Quality that enable business and IT to work together to ensure the uniformity, accuracy, stewardship, semantic consistency and accountability of the enterprise’s official, shared master data assets. This highly collaborative approach allows enterprises to take responsibility for the accuracy, consistency and completeness of their data-driven operations through holistic data stewardship. These MDM solutions give businesses the means to:

Create a new central system to master customer and organizational data

Enable faster time to quality data by increasing corporate-wide collaboration and productivity through reusable business rules that expedite development, testing and deployment – while maintaining business consistency

Provide proven technology and processes for continuous quality improvement built upon a scalable, truly integrated data quality and governance solution

Provide greater flexibility to apply data quality rules where they are most effective

PSL provides scalable resources for processing and storing large data sets on FedRAMP authorized Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud:

Hadoop on AWS EMR enables building of clusters of whatever size is needed for data analysis and to only pay when the services are being used

AWS EMR Hadoop is built on Apache and provides various types of clusters including Hive, Pig, Custom JAR, and HBase

PSL provides all the support and maintenance needed on AWS cloud, freeing employees to focus on the business mission

PSL uses Oracle Data Warehousing and Microstrategy and Informatica tools.

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