Big Data Analytics for Federal Agency

Big Data Analytics for Federal Agency

Big Data Analytics

Analytics is the process of unlocking the secrets lying dormant in an untapped resource that’s already available to you: data. With Big Data as the fuel, and an analytics system as the engine, analytics benefit every aspect of government.

When expertly applied, business analytics allows your agency to analyze decisions and outcomes under a huge range of what-if scenarios involving a vast array of data points. You can create models, projections and queries that answer pressing questions & address daily problems, all at a mouse click.


PSL deployed predictive analysis that resulted in @7.2M savings in grant funds. The data analysis provided early warning detection system transforming the “bits and bytes” of already-collected raw data into actionable insights. The agency could then determine whether to end further payments or require remediation efforts and, in the process, save taxpayer money from being put at risk.