Free Security Trial

Free Security Trial

Free Security Trial for Government Agencies

Did You Know: Government agencies data and identity security breaches are on the rise!

Research shows that in 2015 the average cost of a breach has increased by 15%. Today, most federal, state and local government agencies are using 1st generation security products or solutions which greatly increases their risk of being hacked. Federal Regulatory requirements are driving the need for stronger authentication. Here at Peniel Solutions we have the next generation Two Factor authentication which is being mandated by government regulations.

Peniel solutions Direct RM 2 Factor Authentication is a TOTAL comprehensive solution:

  • 8 methods of 2 factor authentication
  • End Point Security
  • SSL / VPN and Firewall
  • Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Hair and Fiber Forensics with extensive reporting
  • Professional Security Consulting
  • Our Tokens are FREE!

With limited budgets government agencies can’t afford the security risk!

No problem, we can do a smooth replacement (no rip and replace required) and we can even offer a unique trade-in program that can covers your existing Tokens and license costs.

Free Trial

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