Advisory Service for Federal Agency

Advisory Service for Federal Agency


PSL’s team focuses on “Continuous Improvement” and building the necessary processes and procedures to assist government agencies in maturing their overall IT Investment Management. As a woman-owned minority firm, we help government clients solve technology problems in five (5) broad areas: document management, business analytics, mobile/software development, cloud and advisory services using professionals who understand CMMI and best practices to achieve maximum customer value (MCV).

PSL designs governance programs to reflect the realities of today’s environment, in which technology, regulatory oversight and operational mandates are changing at an accelerating pace. Success is measured in more than savings: it’s making day-to-day work productive again.


Case in point: PSL created an agency-wide governance program later hailed by the Office of Management Budget (OMB) for cost savings greater than 30%.

PSL designed a new IT process flow for one federal agency, changing how projects are conceived, developed, measured and monitored. Beyond the cost savings, the program increased morale among employees and contractors, because it eased compliance with new documentation requirements.