Records Access, or Who Moved My Record?

Records Access, or Who Moved My Record?

Records Access - Records Based Access ControlRecords administration is a complex and challenging task for any organization, and that’s without worrying about unauthorized or inappropriate users interfering with records. In fact, users with unnecessary access rights create more than just security and privacy risks, they can complicate or even damage the entire records management process by interfering in the administration of those records.

In other words, it’s bad enough when a user can see records even when it’s not necessary to their work, but it’s an outright administrative nightmare if those users have the power to move, change, or even destroy those records.

Enter Records-Based Access Controls (RABC), a concept that refers to establishing clearly defined access rights per record or record type. RABC imposes limits on:

  1. Who can see what records; and
  2. What they can do with those records.

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