Document Management Solution for Federal Agency

Document Management Solution for Federal Agency

Document Management

TransAccess Document Management (TADM) was birthed out of the need for the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), Single Family to manage its ever-growing accumulation of case binders (Items) being created within the organization.

TransAccess DM was designed from the ground up as a scalable web-based solution to function within any Organization and is the only commercial application that interfaces with the Federal Records Centers (FRCs) of the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) and its Archives and Records Centers Information System (ARCIS). ARCIS receives and tracks request within its facility to the customer and TransAccess tracks and manages the same requests within the customer’s location while synchronizing the entire transactions across both organizations.

With TransAccess DM centralized data repositories, data is seamlessly accessible and shared across HUD’s Home Ownership Centers (HOC): Headquarters, Santa Ana, Atlanta, Denver, and Philadelphia. TransAccess DM is able to accomplish this via its customized workflow that interfaces its Circulation (check in/out) and Inventory (adding new items) functions with NARA’s Archives and Records Centers Information System (ARCIS).


The Office of Insured Health Care Facilities (OIHCF) desperately needed millions of pages of records converted to digital format: their offices were flooded by boxes of paper documents, staff were burdened with tedious manual searches to find anything, and they risked non-compliance with record-keeping mandates.


PSL scanned and indexed their records in record time, employing both a proprietary process designed for security, risk mitigation and ease of use and the industry’s leading indexing and document management tool, TransAccess. The result: the OICHF never lost access to the documents, even in mid-scan; and OIHCF workers can now access documents at the press of a button, shaving significant time and costs.

Document retrieval collapsed from an hour or weeks to right now

Over 1 million pages imaged for 232 since 2009

Over 3000 standard record center boxes removed from HQ

There are currently more than 700 registered TransAccess Users

HUD owns the TransAccess Document Management technology

TransAccess DM is offered as a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service), which means the customer is not constrained by seat licenses per user

TransAccess DM is a scalable solution that has customizable components easily leveraged across the Organization